Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Day : )

As you can see i'm very tried 
Yesterday i was at a meet & greet in New Jersey
and it was great fun : )
But boy it can be very trying
I mean i had to look good and behave 
No cats to chase or toys to chew up
But mama did get me a great squeaky bone :-)
made from old water bottles
something about being good to the Earth 
I just know it's chewy & squeaky
But the best part of the day was to meet a bunch of people
and they were all nice and gave me treats and hugs and pets
One family came from Pittsburgh ...
The daddy (Lee*) never told Mom(Missy)  what was up
she thought they were just here for business and he surprised her 
 with a side trip  to meet me !!!!    *Can you believe it ???*
*men take note, from Lee , he did a GREAT thing !!!
Well , she was really happy to meet me and i liked her too : )
and baby (Ally) had a sock i almost got to chew ;-)
Well i told Leo all about the day and
 he can't wait to go on the next adventure with me !!!
but for now we just want to nap
and wait for the sunshine to come back
And check on the tadpoles at the park !
We heard that they grow legs and hop
Can't wait to see that !
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster


  1. Oh Buster...I hope you find a great furever family to call your own.