Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some pictures ;-)




Happy September :-)

Cheers to all !!!!!!!!!!
I'm back from another trip to the shore ;-)
I just love it there , there are bunnies , birds
and food drops on the floor all the time from the kids ; )
The girls have gone back to school today : (
and that makes me a little sad ,
so i'll just chew some of there Webkins stuff critters
while i wait for the bus this afternoon : )
Hopefully we can load some pictures in today too
still working out the kinks of the new windows-7
mama , has said a few things i can't repeat about it !!!!!
And they are talking about Halloween ,
any idea of what that is ????
they have been taking my measurements
and talking about costumes
what am i in for ???
well, any way , i'm off to find a toy to chew and
Leo is just chilling with the cats ;-)
happy wags & sloppy kisses
love , Buster

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Happy August ;-)

Well, i am back from my vacation and it was great !
I have a few things to tell ya all : )
1st:  i love chasing birds and rabbits
something just came over me on holiday
Leo says , it is natural and mama & the girls love watching me
on the beach trying to get them birds !
2nd:  kids , camera's , water & sand do not mix !
3rd:  we got a new computer and Geek Squad ROCKS !
that's according to mama / the old one was struck by lighting
and could not save anything
*lost all of those great pix's of the girls and me : (
4th:  i went to the vet yesterday and are you ready for this ?

i do not have to have more surgery done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i can play and run like a rock star ;-)

and to celebrate i'm going to the beach again this weekend :)
watch out birds i'm gonna get ya
well at least try ;-)

sun nap time ;)

so where are you sleeping ?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy End of July ;-)

Sorry i've been out of touch , but i have been busy taking
 the girls to camp every morning ;-)
then staying home because it is too HOT for a car ride !
And we been to the shore a few times ;-)
We have a big trip planned in August for 10 days !
And at the beach in Cape May i'm allowed to go and play !
Those Seagulls are fun and I plan to catch one before the Summer is over !
Leo says , NO WAY , they are to quick !
but i'm gonna try : )
We have gotten a new camera so you will be getting some photo's soon :-)
Also after our trip i have a vet appointment 
with the Doc to get updated on my bones !
Be good and stay out of HOT CARS ;-)
we are off to the beach until saturday
so we hope to have some pictures for ya all next week ;-)
Happy Wags
and Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy June : )

Howdy ;-)
A bit of sad news : (
the tadpoles we brought home have died
so we are off to the park to check for more
but we are leaving them there !
well , it is very hot and i must say i do not like
the HOSE of water at all !!!
but the little pool is great : )
pictures coming soon (the camera has also died)
be good and stay out of the HOT CARS*
*i miss the car rides : (
but better be safe then sorry
what ever that means * i'm just a pup;-)
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Hot !

Howdy everyone , sorry for the late update .
Very busy in my world : -)
The tad-poles are getting legs , yep !
Legs , so when do they hop ???
well , it is really hot today so i'm resting inside
and mama and the girls are going to the store
to get something called a kiddie pool .
any ideas what that is ?
i should find out soon ;-)
and i had some cool ice cubes at lunch
they are fun to play with ;-)
i'll get back to you all
when the kiddie pool gets here !
until then stay cool !
mama , says NO CAR RIDES :-(
so go chew a bone or tennis ball
while the people are out & about !
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love, Buster

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Friday

Happy Friday to all ;-)
I have discovered the sandbox of FUN : )
And more fun ;-)

come on let me dig !!!!!!
Leo joins in with Elsley & Buster
all this while poor Adayr is sick on the couch 
with Nurse Sadie : )

what a good girl ;-)

and we also brought home some of those tad poles
that we keep talking about
when will they change into frogs ???

well , have a great weekend ;-)
i'm back to the sandbox of fun
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster