Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Happy August ;-)

Well, i am back from my vacation and it was great !
I have a few things to tell ya all : )
1st:  i love chasing birds and rabbits
something just came over me on holiday
Leo says , it is natural and mama & the girls love watching me
on the beach trying to get them birds !
2nd:  kids , camera's , water & sand do not mix !
3rd:  we got a new computer and Geek Squad ROCKS !
that's according to mama / the old one was struck by lighting
and could not save anything
*lost all of those great pix's of the girls and me : (
4th:  i went to the vet yesterday and are you ready for this ?

i do not have to have more surgery done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i can play and run like a rock star ;-)

and to celebrate i'm going to the beach again this weekend :)
watch out birds i'm gonna get ya
well at least try ;-)

sun nap time ;)

so where are you sleeping ?


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  2. Oh yeah, Good times for Buster. So happy no more time in the OR. Have a great life and let us know what your doing ever now and then.