Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raining Day Playtime ; )

Playtime with my friend Mojo ;-)
He is alot of fun and he is about my age too !
Foster Mama says, that we are good buddies !
And because Mojo is very careful of my legs ,
 thats why I can play with him !
Besides he always lets me win ;-)
Hope you are having fun too!
Enjoy the rain and remember the sun is coming back soon ;-)
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses

Got Ya !

Well , i've got him ;-)
and as you can see it is a 2 for 1 deal ;-)
it is easy with out the cone
stealth-mode ;-)   !!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yahoo, I am Home !!!

Yep , i'm home and it wasn't so bad
 i really do not remember a thing
that is until i sit down :-(
and yes, i'm back in my cone
 *only when mama isn't here
she say's "i'm a GOOD boy"
&  still says , "please do not wrestle the cat" :-)
but when she goes to the market today
 it will be a bit of a match !!!
hope i can still get him with this cone ?
Now i wonder if Leo can help me out of this thing ?
Well , it really is a good time for a nap
the girls get home early today and
next week is spring break so, they will be home
 from school to play with me !!!!!
I love it when they roll the tennis balls for me ; )
and i also heard something bout going to the beach one-day
what's that ?  Leo says it is GREAT !
well i let you know how goes cat wrestling with my cone
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love, Buster

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yikes :-O

Do any of you guys know what "snip-snip" is ???
Apparently that's happing to me tomorrow
 all because Lil-grey  {the cat}
doesn't like the way i wrestle with him any more :-(
so what ,  it was fun for me
but when i was caught doing it they all said  , "NO !"
And rumor has it that i will need to wear my cone again
say it isn't so ;-(
well , i'm gone to find that damn cat & wrestle
and i'll tell ya tomorrow
what ever a "snip-snip" is
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Monday Morning

Aahh ;-)
What a great week of sunshine !
I hope all of you guys had fun in the sun too.....
I hear the rain helps the flowers grow , that way i can dig them up ;-)
And i did see these furry things about , i was hoping they where bunnies but Leo says they are Squirrels
and not to bother with them cause they always go up the trees , arrgh
maybe i can learn to tree climb ???
So the rabbits will be out soon !!!
My friend Jamie is coming over on Wednesday 
So she can get some pictures of me going up the stairs
yep , i have mastered going up !!! And as for that walking on a leash i'd rather be loose to follow my nose !
All of those smells are great & i just want
 to find all of those things i smell ;-)
Well , stay dry today and enjoy those sunny days to come : )
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally ;-)

yep , a warm sunshine nap ;-)
somebody has to do it !!!

happy wags & sloppy kisses
love , Buster

Could it be true ?

Buster's thought for the Day !!$%^&*()_!
Finally , warm sunshine for a great walk !
And maybe some tennis *balls that is ;-) !!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Warm Sunshine : )

Yep , warm sunshine and friends to nap with !
Life is good !!!
We went to the Doc's last wednesday and he says i'm doing GREAT !
I am allowed to go up the stairs !
Yes you heard that right , I can walk up stairs ,
 it takes some time but I can do it !
Going down is another story , 
I get carried but soon I will be doing that too !!!
I am getting stronger every day and even growing a bit ;-)
Thank You All for your love and support !
Because off all you good people , I am becoming a real Dog !
Just like that puppet who became a real boy !
well , back to the naps and friends and warm sunshine : )
By the way , i'm still working on that bone , it may take months to finish ;-)
And that leash thing is a breeze , i'm allowed to walk around the block and the smells are great who knew all the stuff out there would be so cool ;-)
Enjoy the sun , i've been told rain always comes before the spring bunnies start to come by the yard,
 Leo says , they are fun to watch and maybe one-day catch !
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster