Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yahoo, I am Home !!!

Yep , i'm home and it wasn't so bad
 i really do not remember a thing
that is until i sit down :-(
and yes, i'm back in my cone
 *only when mama isn't here
she say's "i'm a GOOD boy"
&  still says , "please do not wrestle the cat" :-)
but when she goes to the market today
 it will be a bit of a match !!!
hope i can still get him with this cone ?
Now i wonder if Leo can help me out of this thing ?
Well , it really is a good time for a nap
the girls get home early today and
next week is spring break so, they will be home
 from school to play with me !!!!!
I love it when they roll the tennis balls for me ; )
and i also heard something bout going to the beach one-day
what's that ?  Leo says it is GREAT !
well i let you know how goes cat wrestling with my cone
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love, Buster

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