Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy September :-)

Cheers to all !!!!!!!!!!
I'm back from another trip to the shore ;-)
I just love it there , there are bunnies , birds
and food drops on the floor all the time from the kids ; )
The girls have gone back to school today : (
and that makes me a little sad ,
so i'll just chew some of there Webkins stuff critters
while i wait for the bus this afternoon : )
Hopefully we can load some pictures in today too
still working out the kinks of the new windows-7
mama , has said a few things i can't repeat about it !!!!!
And they are talking about Halloween ,
any idea of what that is ????
they have been taking my measurements
and talking about costumes
what am i in for ???
well, any way , i'm off to find a toy to chew and
Leo is just chilling with the cats ;-)
happy wags & sloppy kisses
love , Buster

1 comment:

  1. hi buster! look forward to seeing pics of your Halloween costume ;-) hope you had a great time!