Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big News , I've Got Legs : )

Hi to all , I have Legs !!!
Yep , it is True , my wraps are off and I am trying to walk to get my legs back in shape ! I do have a way to go but so far so good : )
We went to the Doc's off on Thursday for a bandage change but since I am doing so well , he thought he'd try no wraps at all . Foster Mama still has to carry me a bit , but I can get around pretty good . It just takes longer to get to one place or another , but I can do it !!!And my legs feel Great , well a little wobbly* (more like a wet noodle) but I have to build my strength up and that takes time. My friend Jamie  &  friends came over to see me today and to take pictures and video of me ; ) She will post them later today & you can check me out ;-) I must say it was fun ;-) 
Well , I go back to the Doctor on Wednesday for some more x-rays and hopefully no more wraps , because I love to be cone-free & be able to play with my paws too !!!
So check back later for more info .
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses
Love , Buster


  1. Yay Buster!! That´s great news!!! Tons of love and kisses from Venezuela!

  2. Way to go Buster!!!!!

  3. Way to go Buster, so happy you are doing so well. Your noodle legs will be strong and great soon! Keep up the great work.