Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tennis any one ?

It has been a bit snowy around here , but all is going well !
I have discovered TENNIS BALLS :-) They are great !!!
Foster mama rolls them on the carpet and I waddle after them
and every time I bring one back I get kisses and I love that !
How knew these things could be so much fun :-)
 Foster-dad is a tennis coach
so there is an endless supply of these yellow things
& my friends Leo & Sadie
just love them too , but they always make them wet and sloppy.
Well , the leash thing is not much fun but I'm starting to get it
and I only ate 2 of them !
so now I just  try to chew the tennis balls
but when i get caught doing that they take them away too :-(
So yesterday i was given a REALLY BIG Bone :-) yummy yummy
They call it a cow hock , I don't know what that is but it's good : ) !!!!!!!
Almost time for my nap ! I need my rest so i can keep chewing : )
I have a Doc appointment on Wednesday, so we will see how much I've grown.
I let you all know how it goes.
Happy Wags & Sloppy Kisses,

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  1. Glad you are doing well Buster! Tennis balls are fun. :)