Sunday, January 24, 2010

my photo shoot day

Hello everyone ;-)
I just want to say Thank You to all who have supported me !
I am home with my foster family and so far it has been great , I have a huge fluffy bed , but i like the couch better and sitting on mama's lap , she's fluffy too. My friend Leo (a really big weim) , he lives here too ! He is fun to play with and he shares everything with me ! Today , Jamie came over to visit me and to take some picture's of me and Leo. It was tough , well not really , I just sat around and she did all the work ! They (the humans) will post them soon  , so you can see all the love and comfort I have here. Also the Doctor said I am a really good guy and that I'm doing very well :-) On Wednesday the 27th I go back for a check-up and bandage changes .
 I hope that i get some funky new wraps maybe in green or purple. Purple is my little girl who live here, favorite color but I must say blue goes with my eyes. Well , it is time for my nap , must go find mama for a cuddle.
Happy Wags and sloppy kisses , Love , Buster

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  1. Glad you are doing good and can't wait to see your photo shoot photos!